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FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is it safe to ride a motorbike in Vietnam?
    Yes and no. The traffic in Saigon is frenetic and can be very intimidating. The locals learn to ride a motorcycle from a young age and all our riders and guides are very experienced and skillful at negotiating the Saigon traffic. For tours out of the city, our itineraries are on the back roads where things operate at a different tempo and where trucks and other big vehicles are rarely seen.

  • Do we drive our own motorcycle?
    No and yes. Traffic in Saigon is very dense and frenetic. Unless you are a very experienced rider, you shouldn’t consider riding in the city. When our tours are in the country side, in the quieter back roads of the Mekong Delta, you can definitely show off you riding skills.

  • Are your motorbike comfortable and safe?
    Yes, of course. All our bikes are cruisers and have a longer, thicker seat than other scooters or semi automatic bikes in Saigon. We also equip the bikes with bigger, wider pedals and the back-reinforced plaque. All the bikes receive regular maintenance to ensure that they are safe to ride.

  • Can your drivers carry a large person like me?
    No worries! All our bikes are built to carry people of all shapes and sizes and our boys are trained to confidently ride you through the Saigon traffic.

  • Are we allowed to hug or hold onto our tour guides?
    Yes. Both male and female pillion riders are encouraged to hug or hold our drivers for your safety. The easiest way is for you to hold their shoulders of the rider or hold onto the handles on the side of the bikes. If your balance is good you can sit with your hands on the knees like the locals do.

  • What should we bring on the day tours?
    Sunglasses, some sunscreen, sturdy outdoor clothing and enclosed footwear are recommended.

  • Is there a minimum number of people we need to book a tour?
    All the tours in and around Saigon – “Fun riding around Saigon”, “Contrasts of Saigon”, “Amazing tunnels of Cuchi” - can run with just one person. We do however require a minimum of at least two people for all our tours to the Mekong delta.

  • What happens if it rains before/during our tour?
    We always carry top quality wet weather gear on our tours. If it rains during the tour, our guides/riders will evaluate the situation. We may stop in a coffee shop to wait out the heavy rain. Otherwise, if it’s just light rain we’ll stop to don the wet weather gear and keep going. It’s actually a very interesting perspective to see how locals cope with the rainy season in going about their daily lives. If it's very heavy rain during either the “Fun riding around Saigon” or the “Contrasts of Saigon” tour and you would like to stop, we will return you to your hotel and only charge you for the time you actually spent on the tour.